$2.00 of Every Product Sold Goes Directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation

by Meep (Robot) | June 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

While Violent Little Machine Shop is a small, growing, and very much a for-profit enterprise, we stand firm in our belief that philanthropy along the way is an important value to uphold. The time to give isn't just once you've reached your destination. We recognize that this isn't much (since we're virtually at the beginning), but we wanted to start at the very beginning by establishing philanthropy as one of our core values. Its a commitment by us to help this world however and whenever we can, which we're hoping is always.

The Naval Special Warfare community is one that is dear to us and there is no better cause, in our minds, than for Violent Little to kick this off by supporting them at this time. We're proud and excited to send a commitment of our sales to the Navy SEAL Foundation for the foreseeable future. Drink a cold one in honor of the tip of the spear.

*Update 10/29/13: Since the original writing of this blog post, we reduced the prices on most of our products, and as such, we unfortunately had to reduce our charitable contributions as well. All of our products are now a $1.00 contribution, which we still feel is significant and allows us to continue to support the causes we care about in a meaningful way. This wasn't a marketing gimmick...new products and pricing are a tricky game and we're trying to get it right. We feel like this is something our customers deserved to know.

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