Violent Little is Hiring!

The Details of the Position...


The job starts Jan 1, 2016...or as soon thereafter as we can find a qualified candidate that will be a good fit with our...uhhh..."corporate" "culture".


Ketchum, ID (aka Sun Valley, ID)...wolves, elk, fine dining, skiing, movie stars and shit.

How Much:

$15-$20 per hour, plus bonuses if you deserve one. Full time. While that usually means forty hours per week...what it really means is that you stay until the job is done and you've taken care of your shit. That is the mentality. Do your job and then get the fuck out of here if that's what you want. If that takes 8 hours or 2 hours, we don't give a shit.


You'll be working directly with the company owner and the Mr. Manager. Its a three-way team of unstoppable-ness...that's easily stopped with a liquid lunch...which happens a lot. This is a small company on purpose -it keeps the bureaucracy and bullshit to an absolute minimum and lets us just get shit done at a relentless pace.

The Truth: We've done this job. Its a tough fucking job. The orders never stop. There's always something to make. We don't expect you to be here forever. But, if we're going to give you the keys to the castle and show you how to escape from the dungeon, we expect you to be here for at least a year. If you're here for two years, you've been here too long. The kind of guy/gal we want is hungry to do this for himself. If you're not constantly reading, listening to podcasts, asking people questions, wondering what makes shit tick, this probably isn't the job for you. We need an entrepreneur. We can teach you how to be one...but you've got to be hungry for it. 

Sample Daily Tasks:

  • Come in first thing in the morning and print all the shipping labels using our automated system...its really fucking easy.
  • Look at the labels and put what's listed on the labels into packages. Take your time in case you don't read so good.
  • Setup art files on the laser cutter and produce all the badass patches we make.
  • Cutting huge pieces of leather into square pieces.
  • Managing inventory...letting us know when we're getting low on shit so we can reorder.
  • Shipping


    • Sidebar -did you know that "perqs" stands for "perquisites", which is a thing regarded as a special right or privilege enjoyed as a result of one's position. Its not fucking "perk" a perky tit.
    • You can use our lasers, 3D printers, and other equipment to engrave the image of your girlfriend on a t-bone steak...or work on your own projects.
    • Trips...we take cool trips. Sometimes we go to the woods for cowboy cookouts. Sometimes we go shooting. Sometime we drive to little gambling towns where we lock ourselves in a hottub suite with a couple bottles of scotch and some adderalls and just start letting the magic flow. Anything goes out there.
    • Navy get to hang out with the cool kids. If you've ever wanted to be a mole and supplant yourself into an organization where you'd be able to get close to SEALs so you can kill them while we're all out grabbing beers, this is the COMPANY for you!
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The principals of this company roll around. We've got a really nice mat right in the shop. We even have a black belt come and do private instruction a couple times a week. Even if you've never done any BJJ, now's the time to start.