Embrace the Suck Morale Patch

A morale patch with them big ass titties. The evil geniuses over at Weapons Grade Waifus keep taking their waifu game to whole new levels. Yeah...we had to look that word up too. Featured in February's Little Box of Violence.

Normally we don't do pussy-ass disclaimers...or we try to be crafty in the way we say them if we do so that it sounds like we're not saying them, but by adding this item to your cart you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age. If this is an international order, we're not responsible for what your crazy-ass country's customs department does with this patch if they were to open this package. They'll probably leave you a moist little surprise.

  • 3" Circle, Cloth
  • Hook Velcro Back
  • Something clever about the Crazy 88

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