Arrested Development: The Cornballer & Mr. Banana Grabber Morale Patches

by Steven Bartholomew | October 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

If I could just stick my pretty little nose in here,

Long story long, Yanne said he knew a guy who knew a guy that could get his hands on some old Cornballer inventory and deliver the goods to us, cash in hand. What are we going to do with 1,500 mint cornballers still in the box, sell them online of course. You guys can come visit us in the hospital...Room 4b, Hospital Angeles Tijuana...just across the border in TJ.

Everybody's laughing and corn-holing without you...LOOK! A Seagull! (As I grab your banana). I can't believe GOB gave away the animation rights to his Mr. Banana Grabber character. A very bad business decision. Good thing there’s always money in the banana stand...which is honestly what it feels like to have Violent Little. Ten cents gets you nuts. I've (Yanne writing this) even got a bunch of siblings like GOB and Lindsey and Buster...and my Mom is like Lucille. I'm obviously Michael since I'm the "reasonable" one.

Be safe out there,
Steven (...with minor editing by Yanne for on-point references)

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