Don't bring Pizza Rolls to the Christmas Party.

by Steven Bartholomew | December 23, 2022 | 0 Comments

It was Christmas Eve and Tim had been tasked with bringing snacks to the annual holiday party at his friend's house. He had been racking his brain for days, trying to think of something creative and delicious to bring.

Finally, he had a stroke of genius. He would bring pizza rolls!

He excitedly went to the store and stocked up on boxes upon boxes of the frozen treats. He even went so far as to get a few different flavors to mix things up.

As he arrived at the party, he proudly presented his contribution to the snack table. Everyone seemed a bit confused by the choice, but they shrugged it off and started munching on the rolls.

But things started to go awry as the night went on. The pizza rolls seemed to have a life of their own and were constantly disappearing and reappearing on the snack table. No one could keep track of how many they had eaten and before long, people were starting to feel a bit queasy.

Tim started to get worried as his friends' faces turned pale and they started to clutch their stomachs. He frantically tried to confiscate the remaining pizza rolls, but it was too late.

The party devolved into a chaotic scene as people rushed to the bathroom, leaving Tim standing alone with a pile of half-eaten pizza rolls. He sheepishly gathered them up and made his exit, vowing to never bring them to a party again.


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