FriendTime Friday: A Night Out with Mrs. Violent Little

by Oscar Sanchez | August 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fudge Yeah Friday,

Prepare yourself for another great retelling of last weekend's adventure. Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own fun story this weekend. Emily says I say "fuck" too much and it's a "crude word".

The Violent Little crew has been doing a pretty good job at continuing to go out and get involved in some shenanigans every weekend. Yanne, once again, wasn't around for the festivities. He said something about having to return some videotapes or attend a matinee of Les Mis. Luckily, we were blessed with the party presence of Mrs.Violent Little instead. She was "game on" right from the start. Beer, wine and bourbon was had all over the Hot Water Inn here in Ketchum. A local, all female band called Thunderpussy was playing. They effin' killed it and got everyone primed to tie one on for the night. 

I snuck our small group onto the roof for a better view of the show, as it was quite crowded. On the roof, Mrs. VL pointed out some of her friends, still in the crowd, and asked if I could bring them up. "Sneaking around" being my specialty...because of the SEAL thing and since I'm Mexican *insert sneaking across the border joke here*. So I made my way down, wrangled up the Blonde-tourage and used all my skills and hand signals to bring them up. We were later kicked off the roof because someone lacked light discipline and got us caught.


With the show winding down, we decided to make moves to get everyone to town. The drunken math began to try to get 18 personnel and a bike back into town to continue to drink. Thankfully, Nate and I were sober enough to drive. We started jamming people in my Jeep like it was some sort of clown car, just to notice there was a cop car 40ft away facing us. Somehow, all the yelling and piling-in didn't bring too much attention our way. 

We reached the bar, excited, full of joy and I was partially deaf. The decibel level six drunk girls can reach is astonishing. Drinks were poured, toasts were made, services were thanked and one lucky person got Zima'd. Yes, Zima is apparently making a comeback this year. Emily missed the girls' only shot because her basic need to feed kicked in. Once satisfied with some pulled pork sliders that she got from the meat van across the street, she returned and took her shot immediately. She does not frack around and that's why she fits in well with this group.


Unicorns and M4s,


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