The Little Bag of Violence Review: January

by Brandon Scott | February 02, 2017 | 3 Comments


It is about fucking time we got a SECDEF with real experience. I mean, who is going to fuck with a guy who has been in the U.S. Military since '69 and goes by the nickname "Mad Dog." Nobody with a brain, that's who! We hope you enjoyed our Little Bag of Violence this month. January's Bag is now available for a few individual sales (while sizes last) and if you want to subscribe for future boxes click the green bar and get signed up if you's ok.


"OK" Guy With A Gun T-Shirt

Modeled after Violent Little's very own Brandon. He's not too happy about this. (He actually wrote that last sentence). Normally it's "Good Guy with a Gun", but have you ever seen Brandon mad? Try pantsing him when he's got his arms full of Violent Little packages when he's loading up the truck to take them to the post office. He becomes just "Ok" instead of his happy old self...divider

General Mattis Morale Patch

The good General went into the service in 1969. 19-FUCKING-69...Good God. Get ready for those good ole' days. They're here again. This patch is exclusive to the Little Bag of Violence...not available for individual sale.

dividerNot Alcohol Stadium Cup

It's not alcohol. Now you have plausible deniability wherever you go...and that's what this life is ALL ABOUT.

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