Q & A With Violent Little Emily

by Emily Stevens | August 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

Hello Friends,

Typically, new employees at VLMS go through a Q&A session for our email newsletter straight away...but I've been neglected here for seven weeks now. At one point Oscar started to ask me some questions but then he left for a month. Since the guys are still lazy about it, they've asked me to interview myself. I accepted the challenge and it's going to be as weird as it sounds. Are you ready for that? ARE YOU READY?


Oscar: What do you want to listen to during this interview?

Emily: Enya.

Oscar: What do you really want to listen to?

Emily: Lord of the Rings music...so basically Enya.

*Oscar departs, so I question myself in front of a mirror now.*


Q: Why did you choose to work at the shop?

A: It seemed like a radically different work environment than anything I've seen...and I've taken up doing things I've never done that would otherwise scare me. Working with these guys is, disappointingly, not very scary!

Q: Wow, so what is scary to you?

A: Deep dark water, frozen corn dogs and guys who live in vans. I'm having none of that (LOL).

Q: Okay, so what do you love about working at Violent Little?

A: The lunch dates, 32 oz. mimosas, the warehouse ping pong table and having weird email conversations with our customers.

Q: What's the coolest thing about you?

A: I can make sloppy joes without looking at a recipe. That's also probably the hottest thing about me.

Q: You work with veterans, what's that like?

A: It's a dream come true. They're fun to be around and are really encouraging of my dad jokes, hiccuping and tripping on stuff. I'm like...the little sister around here I think. 

Q: Which of them would you let punch you directly in the face?

A: Well, not Nate because he's the weakest and not Yanne because I don't want him to ruin his manicure. So probably Oscar because he has the softest hands. 

Q: How many people do you fall in love with every day?

A: Like five or so. Mostly the dudes who email us and get all cute when they see the unexpected "Yours always, Emily" at the end of my response.

Emily: Well, I love you and good luck to you on your Violent Little journey!

Emily: Thank you! Thanks for enduring that with me and getting to know me as I got to know me. 



Violent Little Emily

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