Should buying more morale patches be a part of your New Year's resolutions?

by Steven Bartholomew | January 01, 2023 | 1 Comment

A: It ultimately depends on the individual and their personal interests. If someone is interested in collecting morale patches and values having a diverse collection, then yes, adding to their collection could be a worthwhile resolution. However, if morale patches do not hold personal significance or value for the individual, then it may not be a worthwhile resolution to prioritize.

(I asked an AI robot this question and this was their response. This just goes to show that AI isn't as evolved as we thought. Obviously, more morale patches should be a part of your New Year's resolutions. There is no personal growth without funny morale patches. That's facts. I don't need to robot to tell me I'm wrong either.)

Happy New Year,


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1 Comment

John said:

Honestly let’s hope the AI doesn’t grow and the cool patches keep coming 😎

January 02, 2023

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