That'll do pig. That'll do.

by Steven Bartholomew | January 02, 2023 | 0 Comments

"That'll do pig" is a famous quote from the movie "Babe." In the movie, the main character, a pig named Babe, is trying to learn how to herd sheep and is initially unsuccessful. His human friend, Farmer Hoggett, says "That'll do pig" after Babe finally manages to successfully herd the sheep.

The phrase has become famous because it is a heartwarming moment in the movie, and it represents the bond between Babe and Farmer Hoggett. It also reflects the idea that with perseverance and determination, anyone (even a pig) can achieve their goals.

As for whether all pigs do good, it depends on one's definition of "good." Some people may view pigs as intelligent and loving animals who can be trained to perform tasks, while others may view them as pests or a source of food. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether pigs are "good" or not.

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