The Greatest Shitshow

by Steven Bartholomew | August 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

Hello Patrons (not calling you bottles of tequila),

The closest thing I've ever been to a circus was the recruiting offices in the mall. A bunch of cool posters outside to draw you in, then the immediate thought of "I'm not sure about this, these guys are pretty weird" once you found your seat. They even gave us popcorn sometimes. Damn, they really got my ass.

In our own way, Violent Little's just like P.T. Barnum and his circus group of "normal people". Phineas Taylor was on his own fuckin' program...that's for sure. Check out this "house" he built in Sarasota. P.T. did the thing. The looks I'm getting from people at family get-togethers when I tell them I'm making patches now...makes me feel a lot like ole' P.T...or at least somebody that worked for him.

I can really draw a lot of similarities between P.T. Barnum and Yanne. They just have a knack for entertaining people with elephant shit, but Yanne is a little less flashy with it. The way they orchestrate the madness and always deliver unique entertainment is something special. Really, the only difference is Barnum drank champagne with Kings and Queens, and Yanne drinks champagne with O.J. (From Yanne: Not with O.J., more like alone.)

Don't let the dream die,


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