"The Irish Goodbyes" - B-21 Raider Squadron Unit Morale Patch

by Steven Bartholomew | August 31, 2022 | 0 Comments


For the first time ever, these once classified, stealth professionals are breaking silence and becoming known to the public eye. Maybe their work is done. Maybe it's just time these heroes want some fuckin' recognition. (Like the rest of us.) I heard the Department of Defense was just tired of covering up all their drunken mishaps out in town. Who knows, finding out the truth will probably get you killed. The only thing you do need to know is that you don't need to know. (Ask Mickey, except you can't. He also asked too many questions. See what I'm gettin' at?)

Locals say these guys frequent the bars around Southie quite often. You can't tell em' apart from the rest of the crowd, but I hear if you leave a tab open, put some Dropkick Murphys on the jukebox, and leave a pack of heaters on the bar, there's a better chance you'll spot them. But if that doesn't work, there's always Plan B. Get yourself a free stay in the South Boston Police Department Drunk Tank, you're bound to catch at least two of them in there. (They never leave a brother behind.) Rumor has it, that in time-critical operations, they've even had to conduct pre-op mission briefs in that drunk tank. The stories those walls could tell...

On the business side of things, we are now listed on Etsy. We're still selling the same shit, but it gives you guys a chance to like and leave reviews on our products which will only expand what is the Violent Little Dynasty. We pride ourselves on always trying to deliver the best morale patches and customer service as possible.




"I Have to Return Some Videotapes"

"Bye Felecia"

"Roof Korean"

"Talk to me Goose"

"Flat Earth Explorers Club"

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