Violent Little Email of the Week...WTF?

by Yanne Root | November 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

Violent Little Email of the Week goes to Doc. Doc wins a special prize for being all fucked up.

Hello Yanne, (I know pronounced "Yawn" but any Greek heritage by chance?…my last is (Redacted)…fucking Chinese🤔or some shit like that or at least I think it is😋..and unlike your name, mine just apparently cannot be pronounced by goddamn anyone!😉Eh fuck it tho; like the anonimity of simply being just the good Ole' Doc!) OK, SOO now that I've gone on like a bitch for real real, there is actually a point to this email brother.
I got my order FAST! 26OCT16, actually around 1500. However there was one little disappointment, and I've never had any complaints ever from my VLMS shit; love it all. My LOCKOUT Dip can looks like the mail man took a phillips head (or flat-wtf ever) to few parts on it…
I've ordered from ya Yanne from the very beginning of VLMS with my first purchase being a Blk on Blk trigger necklace, 4 original VLMS leather patches, only one of which has and will ever be utilized on my carrier/cover/loadout/etc btw, but by far my absolute favorites were the two breachers; my OD and Blk babies. Impecible service and craftsmanship was demonstrated at every level in all of your work I've ever seen so, I know you had no idea when this shipped it was like that, or that during shipping possibly the mail man fucked it up. Idk..just know cosmetically she's kinda beat the fucking hell up. Although, the rest of my package including my Freedom card and even my beautiful little white n gold "VLMS Ribbon of Fucking Sucking 4 Particaption" (loved that shit too btw bro lol Ty) were all just fine & perfect really. I'm going to include a few various pics so you get the idea of what I'm talking bout here. If there's anything that can be done here bro that's just awesome but if not, no worries, bc I'm faithfully one HOOYAH Violent Little MIKE FOXTROT for fucking life!!!🇺🇸🤘🏻♠️
(Pics in next email. They wouldn't all go through with messsage as well, sorry.)
One last question brother and sorry I'm taking up your scotch time..and my fucking time.. Are there any more Breachers going to be made anytime soon? In my Xe days, Tech diff name at time, my battle buddy and I got pretty damn fucked up on our last operation (he a lot worse than I, but it took both of our careers out there & leaving him chairbound and me blown n' shot to shit. Luckily I recovered enough to join my Paw as a LEO; he's NCSHP Troop H -Charlotte/piedmont area- Commander, and I'm a MCSO Redacted (..Charlotte..yeah😅😆lol) So, I left my battle buddy, my brother with the baby of mine he admired so much; my OD Breacher w/my blown up from that op but still functioning, and now full of character old Surefire attached to her(actually combo is handy as hell to him especially being chair bound..put a lil hook n loop square on on reverse below bot and another on his R chair arm so he's always got her riding shotgun!🙏🏻😃) Kinda did that just as like a "get the fuck better" type thing. My black one though lol well, bro you know how scotch and in my case JD can make even damn good op's a little..hmm..forgetful??😉😇😏 Where she is today, is known only but to God and the little anonymous spineless cock sucking bitch that stole her. Sooo,  I REALLY REALLY wanna get me a couple, or even one, just whatever my money sit is permitting, to replace by far my fav VLMS device ever..that's if you'll be making any more there brother. Miss her soo much bc not only sexy as hell with her sterling Emerson bad intent lanyard, but I used her like no ones business most ery'day of my life. Now I gotta settle for my MUT. 😠🙁 Awesome tool and like my weaponry it's always with me but it's certainly no mother fucking VLMS breacher dammit..I just want my baby back lol
Ohh! Any issues with me getting the original VLMS Robot tatted on my ass?? Seriously! Well, not literally on my ass but somewhere. Gonna get the beautifully humbling, somber image "Heavy Days" done auth of 30 sec out, and wanted to kill two or three bad ass tatts at once. I'd be more than happy to send u pic of me getting it and the finished products; that is if it's ok as it is YOUR image after all..but would love doing that, I love VLMS and call me a Bitch for the following I REALLY don't give a fuck, but heavy day's touches that well, "heavy spot" in all of our warfighters hearts, and I just would love to do that as I'm going to do for 30. 
Know you like "swag" and gear pics, so I did my best to make ya some cool and funny ones; not only the LOCKOUT ones. Remember though bro I'm good at shooting people, NOT goddam pics so forgive me if they're not great. Spent an hour or so trying so I do hope they aren't too fucking horrible. 
***My Shield, SWAT Eagle, & Expert SWAT Sniper Tab are present in a couple of them-there's only six men in that big ass agency, me included, who have both the eagle and expert sniper tab so I'd be ID'd real easily. Also only the us six are allowed to pick our own weaponry from sidearms, long guns, etc. I'm the sole Ofc who carries a customized Sig Sauer P229 with a custom engraved on top Stainless slide which again bro, is too is present in I said I'd be ID'd very easily and here, Charlotte, I'd be crucified like nobodies goddam business as the city and county of Char-Meck are SOO mother fucking liberal, TBL hating, bitches for the far vast majority. Can't even piss in a "men's" room anymore! Wtf?! This is NC not any kinda Afghani post! So please Yanne, if ya choose to use those pics, PLEASE for Gods sake don't put any of my info there with em my brother***
(See pics) Meet my Battle Bitch Marylyn!!😆Bitch has been in my pocket or in a Molle pouch on my vest on EVERY operation, training school, patrol/SWAT callout, etc since I took the oath at only 17-1/2 y/o!!😋Told her we were gonna hold the first annual "Battle Bitch Beauty Contest" for Yanne and that slut goes, "OOO YANNE!!"😂Fucking ho..I swear to Christ man..😏
Told her she needed to class her shit up for it a bit, right?!?, ya know bring a little bit of sexy violence to it, and wouldn't ya know.. My Bitch placed and even did so AWESOME AT SUCKING she won this purrty little white fucking ribbon for participating!!!🙌🏻😆😂😋🤘🏻OK-now my real bit..whoops..😅I mean Ashley is yelling, "enough iPhone shit baby if you want some get your big ass in here NOW, I mean NOW dammit!"😯LOL
Love VLMS, Yanne, and all that jazz but hey, ya know brother... (Bye, Felicia😆)
Thank You Very Much Yanne!
Be safe and stay blessed always my Brother, and toss one back for me tonight! I'll do the same and some more!! HA!😈😆😂
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