Violent Little Jedis

by Steven Bartholomew | January 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

Steven and Yanne were just your average, everyday people. They worked boring jobs and spent their free time watching Star Wars movies and dreaming of becoming Jedi Knights.

One day, while on their lunch break, they stumbled upon a strange, ancient looking book. They opened it and found it to be a Jedi training manual. Excitedly, they began to study and practice the techniques and exercises outlined in the book.

It wasn't long before they found themselves using the force to move objects and even levitate themselves. They were thrilled to have found their true calling as Jedi Knights.

As they continued to train, they received a message from a distant planet, calling for their help. Lord Palpatine, the infamous Sith Lord, had risen to power once again and was terrorizing the galaxy.

Steven and Yanne knew they had to answer the call. They packed their bags and set off on their first mission as Jedi Knights.

Upon arriving on the planet, they immediately found themselves in a fierce battle with Lord Palpatine's minions. Steven and Yanne fought bravely, using their new Jedi powers to defeat the enemies with ease.

As they approached Lord Palpatine's throne room, they could feel his dark energy emanating from within. They knew it was going to be a tough fight, but they were ready.

The battle was intense, but Steven and Yanne were determined to defeat Lord Palpatine once and for all. They used all of their Jedi skills to outsmart and outmaneuver the Sith Lord.

Finally, with one swift move, Steven and Yanne struck Lord Palpatine down. The galaxy was saved once again.

As they returned to their home planet, Steven and Yanne were hailed as heroes. They had saved the galaxy and proved that anyone can become a Jedi Knight, even if they're just average, everyday people.

From that day on, Steven and Yanne continued to have many more adventures as Jedi Knights, but they will always remember that day when they defeated Lord Palpatine and saved the galaxy. And they will always be grateful for the strange, ancient looking book that started it all.

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