Twelve Days of Violence Christmas Bag 2019

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Presenting the second annual "Twelve Days of Violence" Christmas Bag for 2019. Twelve full days of the best limited edition Christmas-themed patches from all your favorites, including Chuck Norris, Clark Griswold, Triple Dog Dares, No Country For Old Men, Home Alone, Jesus vs Santa, tastefully violent Christmas Trees, appearances by Patrick Bateman, Slayer, Bill Murray, Missile(toes), and Gremlins. And NEW for this year, each patch has a hole on top so you can deck out your Christmas tree with Violent Little ornaments when you're not sporting them on your persons. Perfect...pour the eggnog, cause you're done shopping.

  • 12 exclusive and limited Christmas-themed patches.
  • Includes FREE US Shipping.
  • Shipping NOW. 
  • All patches made of PVC Rubber.
  • All patches are large at min 3.5" high/wide and above.
  • Small hole in the top of each patch allows double duty as Christmas Tree ornaments.
  • Individually enveloped patches with dates on when to no fucking peeking! It's like an advent calendar on steroids.
  • Limited to 200 complete sets, PLUS 100ish of each design will be individually offered for sale at a later date prior to Christmas. Each design is limited to 300 total more will ever be made.
  • Any additional items ordered will be shipped at the same time and in the same package (so, if you want your other stuff quicker, place a separate order).
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