"Jack Hays" Comanches Morale Patch Series


Our second of three patches in this series inspired from Empire of the Summer Moon.

Everybody knows the Comanches were ruthless, and feared by all surrounding tribes at the time.  Col. Jack Hays played a pivotal role in a campaign against the Comanches as a Texas Ranger.  The Comanches were seriously fucking people's shit up left and right before ole Devil Jack started landing haymakers on them with the help of the Apache.  To quote Young Flacco (Lippan Apache Chief who rode as Hays' closest comrade), "Devil Jack, he's not afraid to go to Hell all by himself." Get the Comanches Morale Patch, the first of the series.

  • 2.75" x 3.75" PVC
  • Hook Velcro on back
  • Ride 'em down
Type: Patches    
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