"Great Satan" American Flag Morale Patch


PREORDER: Due to Chinese New Year these patches are going to take a little while. We think they could take up to 45 days. Please be patient, don;t be a bitch...sometimes pre-orders get mucked up, which is why we usually don't do them -but we can't let this one pass us by. We're good at this and we've been doing it a long time, so your trust is well-placed. To reward that stoicism of yours, we're giving you a PREORDER PRICE that's $2 lower than what they will be once we're in stock. Benefits galore.

Sure, everybody knows America is GREAT, but Great Satan? That one might be a stretch. Iranian street art is legit. Look at this beautiful American flag, just waiting to be worn by all of the patriots back here in America. This design also comes in an outstanding T-SHIRT, which will be shipping next week.

  • 3.75" Wide
  • PVC, Hook Velcro Backed
  • America: Greatness is hard to achieve...but somebody's gotta do it.
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