Don't Tread on Me Spray Paint Stencil


"Don't Tread On Me" inspired the Continental Marines as they gave Britain the finger in 1776. Christopher Gadsden and thousands of common men and women fought for and created our libertarian, leave-me-the-fuck-alone, American values. We live, breathe, and want to spread this "sickness" known as freedom. Live Free or Fucking Die. It's the only way to be.

  • Spray the Gadsden Flag everywhere
  • Actual photo of a real life stencil that was sprayed by a regular person
  • Oil board...good for lots of sprays
  • Sprayed Measurements:  Large 8"x8"  Small 3.25"x3.25"  Micro 1.5"x1.5"

Provided by Stencil Tiger

    Type: stencil    
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