Custom Leather Patches

The custom patch shop is back open! 

Here at the Violent Little Machine Shop we've spent the past five years creating unique morale patches out of leather. It started with a run of patches for the SEAL Teams -something we're very proud of given our Navy roots. We've gone on to do patches for Army SF, ODA, Navy SWCC, EOD, National Guard units, law enforcement, businesses, art projects, fashion extraordinaires, gifts, and other randoms (yeah...we love the 3am randoms). We've done one-off patches for the guy looking for something different to put on his kit all the way up to the companies that order patches by the thousands. Our technology and process allows for fast setup, fast turnaround, and very competitive prices. Take a look at our current patch offerings to give you an idea of our capabilities. We DO NOT make custom PVC patches...LEATHER ONLY.

  • Minimum order will be $200. We can usually make that stretch pretty far, but please don't inquire if you're not prepared to spend that on your job.
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes