"Developed By a U.S. Navy SEAL" Limited Edition Morale Patch

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Limit 2 Per Person. Ever wonder what the Navy SEAL seal of approval truly entails? Well in our case, I came in on Sunday and took three seconds to make a ridiculously shitty patch, texted it to Oscar, who actually is a SEAL, for approval... and boom, just like that... start counting them dollars...doesn't matter how fucked up it is.

Sidebar, if you ordered something from us in the past three months, it was packed by a real life Navy SEAL, but our new warehouse manager just started today, so Oscar's now "upstairs" doing high level executive shit... like approving stuff.

  • 3" x 1.5", Hook Velcro Back
  • Limited to 200 total
  • So you know it's good...I guess.
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