"Fedex Assassin" Hillary Clinton Sticker


We're not going to get into an argument on who's assassin this was... But we did laugh out loud at this meme.  

I love how the 'real assassin' was found suicided like 3 miles away... But wasn't the assassin wearing a mask when they starting ripping rounds? How were we to know that suicided body wasn't planted? Also, who shoots themselves in the chest when they suicide themselves?  I better go now... FedEx is dropping off their delivery of newewj      ;iaefwsidhflsdf.kjvjkvfbdj.kazvkjvvkczc....,xzcv/,zxk bleedin otu help

  • Weather-resistant
  • 2" x 2"
  • HillDog strikes again
Type: Stickers    
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