Heavy Days Morale Patch


Introducing the new green and yellow reggae version, the "Positive Days". The Heavy Days morale patch by Thirty Seconds Out is a warfighter's take on Banksy's Angel that represents the heavy days that all warriors experience on and off the battlefield. The angel captures the darkness of war, but also shows the man, superhuman, damaged and dirtied, but unbroken no matter what happens to him. The journey of the man behind Thirty Seconds Out is an incredible story...but you won't find any SEAL book deals going down here. All you'd see is just a man living in a ski town mending his wings and quietly learning to soar again...too much? Full salute. NODS Edition is the glow in the dark. Original is black and white.

  • 3" x 2.5", Hook Backed
  • Made in the USA
  • Try not to sob.
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