Home Alone "Little Nero's" Christmas Morale Patch


If Christmas doesn't make you think of the movie "Home Alone", and if Home Alone doesn't make you think of Christmas, I don't know how you can call yourself an American. Watch the statue, be sure to order plenty of plain cheese pizzas, and don't watch "Angels With Filthy Souls" too many times. Uncle Frank is also a jerk.

All 12 of the patches that are part of our "12 Days Of Violence Christmas Bag" are now available individually.

  • 2.8" x 4.4", PVC
  • Hook Velcro Backed
  • Has a hole on top so you can use it as an ornament!
  • Limited Edition of 300 (200ish for Christmas Bags, 100ish Sold as Loosies)
  • If he has something to drink he'll wet the bed.
Type: Patches    
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