Little Bag of Violence Subscription

FEBRUARY SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW OPEN. The best, most dishonorably-discharged monthly mystery bag in the game...depending on your current level of sobriety. $30 with FREE U.S. SHIPPING. Each month the bag will include an exclusive and limited edition patch & high-quality T-Shirt as well as a small mystery it pays to be American. 

February: We're in Miami for the winter getting real weird with it...this bag reflects that.

Check out what was in the January Little Bag of Violence HERE to get an idea of the kind bullshit we pump out...we bring the hits.

  • Bags will ship around the 10th of each month. If its past the 10th, ships immediately.
  • Cancel Anytime prior to the 1st of every month, no bullshit, super easy.
  • Guarantee: Send your shit back for a refund if you don't like it.
  • Recurring billing charges your card on the 1st of every month. No need to sign up every month...we got you, brotatochip.
  • Oh my god, I've had the old bull now I want the young calf.


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