Purposefully Piss Poor Patches

Sold Out

If you have followed us for a while you know we are all about the quality of our patches. We like to take time for the content, tactile experience, color, and 3D features that really just take a patch from a soft 6 on the richter scale to a hard 10.

These patches though... WOW. Hours of calligraphy training and cultural research went into each of these and it really shows. You may have heard of Michelangelo or Degas... but have you heard of Yanne? If you follow the art world you know how much this shit gains in value after a few years. Think about it.  

  • ≈ 3.14" - 3.56" (if you care about the exact size this patch ain't for you)

  • Hook velcro backing

  • "This patch is gonna pay for my daughter's college tuition"

Type: Patches    
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