Vacation Time Patches


New from Big D Speedshop! Let people know you're in 'vacation mode' even at work.

Beach House - Why have a cutesy name for it like "Barefoot Bungalow" when you can just call it what it is...a Beach House. (this one is slightly larger at 3.5" wide)

Road Trip - Peace bitches. Or should I say.... Peace beaches. .....Yeah. That was bad.....

Slow Ride - If your next words aren't "Take it Easy", we can't be friends.

Not in a Hurry - My favorite of the bunch and my life motto. 

  • 3.25" x 2.5" embroidered lettering and border, Hook backing
  • ONE OF A KIND: camo pattern varies from patch-to-patch
  • If you're lucky, maybe one of your camo blotches will look like a peen. 
Type: Patches    
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