White Girl Hard Seltzer Air Fresheners


NOW IN 5 NEW SCENTS! These are just large enough to make you uncomfortable.

Literally - Strawberry - smells like Barbie's lip gloss

Entitled - Strawberry Kiwi - smells like Strawberry, but with kiwi 

Very Single - "Chipwich" - smells like all those ice cream sandwiches used to drown the memory of your last breakup

Daddy Issues - "Polo" - you guessed it, smells like daddy

Stage Five'r - "Midnight Ice" - smells like danger

  • 7.3" x 2.6" inches, fragrance drenched fiberboard
  • 5 scents
  • Hang one of these on a rotting corpse and it'll smell like your junior prom date for a month. 
Type: Gear    
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