People to Kill Notebooks

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Finally and Newly back-in-stock. Our hardcover People to Kill Notebooks books are the move for all sorts of lists and art projects. Printed on high-quality cloth-covered, case-bound sketchbooks. 100 unlined pages of luscious, thick 140gsm acid-free paper. Won't even bleed through with a minimal amount of your own blood bleeding onto your creation. And check out THE pocket-sized People to Kill Memo Books -they come in a three pack. Its like a Field Notes, except not the same company and not quite as gay,

  • A5 Size (8.3" x 5.8")
  • Thick. You're gonna like the way it feels in your hands, and in your life.
  • The perfect "back to school" notebook...not really. Don't be an's just a book...and a Steve Buscemi from Billy Madison. 
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