$2 Mystery Patch

Sold Out

Its a total crap shoot...you've got no idea what's coming, but you know we're the ones sending it...so...do the math. There's all sorts of reasons we'd need to get rid of patches in this fashion. Sometimes they fall off the back of a truck and we just need to get'em movin. Say hi to ya ma fah me, ok?

Increase the quantity and get different random shit (to a certain point). We guarantee that at least 3 will be different (if you order 3). Order more--you're on your own. No refunds or exchanges on mystery patches...and we check that shit. It's two bucks ya cheapskate. 

  • Dimensions unknown, PVC, embroidery? We don't even know.
  • Hook Backed <--we DO know that
  • Size and Content Uncertain...we'll try to guess from your name/location/other stuff you ordered on the order slip -Milt from Michigan.
Type: Patches    
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