Active Shooter Morale Patch

Sold Out

Double entendres are boss these days -they're even better than puns. Here's a patch shoutout to all the fat dudes out there lying to themselves that they're squared away because they can hit some steel on Saturday nights at the indoor, yet can't even walk across the street to the Krispy Kreme, let alone get to cover, without their heart rates getting up to 200bpm (too much?). I googled what a high heart rate was for a fat person, but gave up shortly after when the answer wasn't immediately I'm sticking with 200bpm. Search results here. This patch pairs nicely with our new AR-15 "Thunderstruck" patch.

  • 2.5" x 1.7"
  • 3D PVC, Hook Backed
  • I knew I had some life changes to make when I played paintball once and my bro was picking me off like a hippo on the Serengeti as I ran for my life
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