Asshole Parking Stickers

Sold Out

So, you did it again. You parked like an asshole and thought nothing would come of it? Well my friend, your days are numbered. You will be found and made a public example of. The Asshole Parking Sticker isn't just an ordinary's an eggshell sticker, which means it peels off in a million small, frustrating, want-to-kill-yourself pieces. *WARNING* It's up to you to know the law. May cause damage if applied to anywhere other than a glass window. We are not responsible for your stupidity or vandalism. Nor will we dime you out to nosy local newspaper reporters from Ohio who email us with excuses for why they parked in a school dropoff lane that they weren't supposed to and one of our customers put a sticker on their car and they had sand in their vagina about it and wanted us to look-up names. Snitches get stitches, you know that!

  • 5" x 3.4" Eggshell Sticker, Big!
  • Not Easily Removable
  • Just A Friendly Reminder
Type: Stickers    
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