Chris Mintz 2016 Charity Morale Patch

Sold Out

100% of proceeds from this patch have gone to the Chris Mintz GoFundMe campaign! We sold 213 of these patches, and raised and donated $4,260.  

 From Derek Bourgeois -

"Yesterday my cousin Chris Mintz was shot 7 times while trying to protect others from the gunman at Umpqua Community College.

He is a father, a veteran, a student, and now he's a hero.

During the shooting both of his legs were broken and he is going to have to go through a ton of physical therapy.

While Chris is not the type of person to ask for it, he is going to need all of the help he can get while he recovers!

Myself and many family members have been swamped with requests for us to setup a gofundme page, so this is us fulfilling that request and we appreciate your concerns and assistance.

Thank You,
Family of Chris Mintz"

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