"Fuck You” in Braille Morale Patch

Sold Out

Nobody gets left out from enjoying the nonsensical ideas we come up with, and I mean nobody. So here's one for the visually challenged, and anybody else who likes to express themselves in a multitude of different languages. No matter our differences, everyone should have the opportunity to tell someone "Fuck You". We even made it in the shitty cream color that all Braille seems to be written in...so tell your blind friends that we pay attention to detail.

5/16/22: We're going to try to find a Veterans association that works with blind vets (because sometimes people lose their sight in the military, smartass) and send them a shitton of these...cause why should they miss out on the bullshittery now that they can't see, right?

  • 3" x 1.25" PVC Morale Patch
  • Hook-Backed
  • Not Endorsed by the School for the Blind
  • And since we don't discriminate, check out our "Fuck the Color Blind" Morale Patch 
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