"Game On!" Wayne's World PVC Patch


Wayne's World oozes nostalgia. Just watch the first 3 minutes and see the long-lost world of 'Chia Pets', 'The Clapper', 'Zanthar', and generally awful (but hilarious) commercials.

I think my favorite thing to look back on during those times was the terminology. Let's bring back sayings like "Groovy", "Mental", and say "Party On" instead of "Good-bye". You could likely compare bringing back these one-liners to a pair of new underwear. At first, it'll be a bit constrictive, but after a while, it becomes a part of you.

  • 2.95" x 2.25" - 3D Design
  • 3D PVC, Hook Velcro Backed
  • "Car...Car...Game On!...Game On!"


Type: Patches    
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