Shark Week 2019 Morale Patch


The final 226 patches will be released on Tuesday 7/30 at 0900 MST. Limited Edition, numbered from 1 to 300. The Shark Week 2019 patch is here! There are three things in life that are certain. Death, Taxes, and Shark Week. Even long after sharks are extinct, you can guarantee the Discovery Chanel will still be putting out hundreds of hours of less than average shark footage. Reminder, this patch is limited to 2 patches per person, if we catch you ordering more we will cancel your order! We take that shit as serious as the "Expert" that they always interview during Shark Week. 

  • 5" x 3.5" inches
  • Hook Velcro Backed, PVC
  • Gotta get that selfie at all cost.
  • The last 226 patches will be released on Tuesday 7/30
Type: Patches    
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