Shooters Morale Patch


Hoot hoot. Owls are wise, and they have big eyes, and they love shooting, and everybody knows that owls love looking at tits dressed up like its Daytona Beach spring break 1983. My grandmother took me to a Hooters in Daytona Beach when I was 12 -I thought it was really cool. I've been to a Hooters a few times since then, like as a semi-adult, and it feels an awful lot like what I would imagine going to one of those Donkey shows in TJ would feel like...or a ping pong show in Bangkok. I just want to get the fuck outta there... This also is available heat-pressed onto a SWEET ORANGE TRUCKER HAT!  

  • 3.5" x 2.3", Embroidered on Twill
  • Hook Velcro Backing
  • I just feel bad for the girl and/or the donkey...
Type: Patches    
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