The California Raisins Morale Patch

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How to ruin a beautiful state with legislation, regulation, masturbation...and all sorts of other "...ation's", and then we'll move to Idaho because it's all just "too much to handle" and we'll be "shaken to our cores" because Trump and all the "I can't evens" and we'll be sick of garbage off the highways and people pooping on the streets...and then we'll bring our insolvent, bullshit politics, and self-righteous attitude to a town near you and start voting for the very shit that we just fled, so you can be just like us, because we're better. I mean, we'll still build walls around our homes to keep the riff raff out, but we're way more inclusive than you. And by "we", I don't mean me. But I was in Brentwood recently, and Malibu...that was pretty nice. Cher has a sweet compound...15 foot walls it looks like. California seems like it could be cool if you've got $5-$10 million dollars, but for everybody else -fuck you. Pairs amazingly well with "I Don't Care How They Do It in California" patch merlot. Also available as a sticker.

  • 3.5" x 3.6", 
  • 3D PVC, Hook Backing
  • Sour Grapes?
Type: Patches    
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