"Violent Little War Tiki v2" Patch

Sold Out

The original kicked ass... we had to bring it back.

Tiki bars.  The whole culture is about the Polynesia that never was. The height of kitsch, it's a longing for the time when Hawai'i was still (well, some places it is) an exotic locale with topless hulas and bottomless mai tais. 

I.e. Tiki bars are shit white people love. "I'm from the island".  No, you aren't Nance, you're from fucking Arizona. Get your roller-skating-in-coconut-bra-saggies outta my face.  

  • PVC with 3D features
  • Hook-Backed, also comes as a sticker
  • Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet's collab was actually decent & catchy, don't @ us
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