"With All Due Respect, Fuck you" Patch

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I like to be polite. My old Italian grandfather never said a cuss word in his life. One time he smashed his thumb so badly that he broke it, and he didn't say a goddamn thing besides, 'Oh, blast'.

Unfortunately, I don't quite have his penchant for discipline. But, I'm working on it. This patch is for those times where you really, really want to let someone know what you think about them, but you want to maintain a basic level of politeness. Hey, it beats that 'no offense' bullshit that people say before they inevitably say something that is going to offend you, right?

Sticker version available too!

  • 3D PVC - 3" wide
  • Hook-Backed
  • "Goest & fucketh thyself"

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