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"I would follow you into the mists of Avalon, if that's what you mean."

We're almost a couple years into this Magnum Opus we call the Violent Little Machine Shop and we haven't looked back once...not even just a little bit. We got our start in leather morale patches for a few elite military units, which quickly grew into a full line of too many morale patches and badass other military/tactical products to count. 

In our very non-humble and biased opinions, we make the best morale patches around...period.

Our various military, adventure, business, and maker backgrounds give us a unique advantage in not only having an eye for the most creative and hilarious ideas (in our minds at least), but the execution skills necessary to put out a quality product at an attractive price. We received a disgruntled email the other day from a distributor of ours whom we decided to cut all ties with based on "ethical reasons"...but it succinctly summed up what we do here:

"...most of your patches are frankly just immature. Lastly, I don't know what you're trying to accomplish and fully don't understand your business philosophy...in any case it DOES not match mine at all."

That's why we're different from all these other "tactical" companies in this space. Most of these companies play the "fake it till you make it" game. We couldn't give a shit about that here. Our formula has been the same since the beginning, and it hasn't changed, not even after we hired one of the top terrorist killers to ever walk the earth after he was done striking fear int the black hearts of the worst of the worst (see what we did there? -just casually dropped in ambiguous operator shit to let you know that we know that you know we're fucking good to do). We couldn't be prouder of what we've created here. She's a beautiful little makerspace that not only serves as a home base to execute our products and vision, but to provide inspiration and balance to all facets of our lives. The droids that you are looking for...you will not find them here.

Violent Little Machine Shop is our opportunity to do all the things we were previously limited to doing in our old capacity.

Its an opportunity to be free from old-fashioned, risk-averse, analyze-to-death thinking where very little actually gets done. We wanted a company that was not only fun and innovative, but especially supportive of the communities it serves. Violent Little is just that. Its been a breath of fresh air to our lives. If you're ever in our neck of the woods, give us a shout and drop by for a game of Ping Pong and a beer. Enjoy your life.

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