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Emily's Contributions To Violent Little

by Emily Stevens | December 04, 2018

During my time here at Violent Little, since May 2017, I've been able to create some pretty rad stuff. You can bet your ass that I have a clout box of the products and other creations I've contributed to this crazy company. I feel ultra lucky to be learning the process of taking an idea and bringing it to life...photographing it, putting it online and then watching it sell. Some of these things I brought in with the help of other artists (and the minds of my coworkers), and others I did the art for myself. Check them out!


I did the layout for the last three issues of Violent Little's Bathroom Magazine. These took the most time to make out of anything I've done for obvious reasons, at 40+ pages each. These were as fun to create as they were a challenge. The first one reminds me of a powerpoint a sixth grader would make, the next was stepped up to 8th grade level, and the third is like the work of an Ivy League scholar. Just kidding. The first two issues are gone forever- you might have to sell your first born to get one- and the third is still shipping as of now.

Greeting Cards:

One of the first products I made was the "Welcome To The Friend Zone" greeting card...it was after its lack of success that we decided to keep making more! I've made a handful of cards since this one...

...including the Rude Flowery Collection cards: "You Asshole", "Fuck You", "Fuckin' Thanks", and "Rude To Fart".


The Hula Girl "Fuck Off" and "Nobody Loves You" greeting cards are also in my clout box. When my time at Violent Little comes to its inevitable conclusion, I may continue my venture down greeting card creation lane...😊


I created the graphic and helped bring to Violent Little the first women's cut shirt (also in men's) in the form of the Violent Little Power T-Shirt. Here I am with my belly button out really trying to sell it.


Not my art, but this Buffalo Bill's Precious Skin Lotion was one of my best ideas that I got the ball rolling on. This also happens to be our first product with your beauty and your kidnapper's satisfaction in mind. 


Magnum Lies Condoms are a genius idea from Nate's crazy head....I just created the art and wrapper design for them.


The Friend Zone ribbon was my very first creation (which is why the Friend Zone greeting card came to fruition), followed by the "I Finished First Award" (a Nate idea), then the highly offensive and polarizing "Dick Ribbon", rounded off with the "Santa Saw What You Did Award"...shipping now!

Lapel Pin:

The "I Flew The Fucking Plane" lapel pin was a Yanne idea that I really liked. As soon as I was able, I put together the art and ordered the thing!


Let's not forget what Violent Little as about: those morale patches! Here are a few I designed.

"Moist" morale patch...as you can tell, it was the most technically challenging design I've ever done.

"Pussy" morale patch...which was somebody else's idea that I was tasked with creating to be "as tasteful as possible." I think it turned out well?

The Violent Little TI-83 morale patch is a throwback to the classic calculator that I painstakingly tried to replicate and tweak in our own jacked-up fashion.

There are a lot more products out there that I helped bring into the shop. See if you can figure out what they are. Maybe I'll go on a date with you if you can find them all. Anywho...thank you for reading and humoring me as I pat my own back!






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