"Am I Being Detained?" Morale Patch

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The last one in our "Traffic Stop" series, and arguably the most important, our "Am I Being Detained" patch. All the bullshit aside, if all else has failed and you point to this last patch, you got two options. One, they say no and you get the hell out of there. Two, they say yes and immediately have a mental breakdown on the side of the highway. There is absolutely zero grey area. 

If confused or stuck, try these again:

"I Don't Answer Questions."

"No, You Can't See my I.D." 

  • 3" x .66" PVC Patch
  • Hook-Backed
  • Now with our 3-step patch series, you can make any traffic stop feel like you're the one calling the shots!
  • Buy as a set and save.
Type: Patches    
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