"I Don't Answer Questions" Morale Patch

Sold Out

Cop: "Nice car, man! Where you headed to in this sweet thang?"

(In friendly buddy buddy voice even though he just pulled you over, has already run your plates, can clearly see that you're local, that you're an American, that you have a thin blue line-themed truck, no priors, and haven't been pulled over in a decade...yet here come the prodding questions to get the violator talking, see if we can't slip him up because he's nervous.)

You: "Oh, I didn't mention it?

(with reciprocative childhood-like friends familiarity).

Cop: "Uh...haha...no."

(thinking he's still got the game in hand).

You: "That's probably because it's none of your fucking business since this is America and I'm an American, sir." (Hands him ID, registration, insurance, and proof of TS DoD Clearance just for overkill "Fuck You" points, and points to the patch whilst giving a wink and a smile and a kissy sound). -Let me know if you follow this script in real life btw, curious about the results.

-Conversation Over-

Now available, the Violent Little Traffic Stop patch series. We may not have finished law school, but that doesn't mean we don't know a thing or two about civil rights.

For any other issues, try:

"No, You Can't See my I.D."

"Am I Being Detained?" 

  • 3" x .66" PVC Patch
  • Hook-Backed
  • Supported by our Legal Team of traffic citation experts.

*Disclaimer: We love and respect the hell out of law enforcement. We're on their side. If a cop said "Help", I'd run to help him. He'd do the same for me. It's a real tough fucking job, full stop. That said...you are dealing with Americans here. You know the game as well as we do.

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