"Daddy Issues" White Girl Hard Seltzer Sticker

Sold Out

Are you a self-professed 'man eater' who claims to know it all? Do you have a bunch of beta dudes constantly commenting 'fire' emojis on your insta? This is the sticker for you.

This sticker is based on our new 'Daddy Issues' PVC patch... which was based on the 'Literally' flavored patch... which was based upon our disdain for this whole White Claw craze. They taste like shit - seriously.

  • 1.5" x 4" Inches, 
  • Weather Proof, High Gloss
  • Membership has its privileges
  • *Not affiliated or to be confused with the actual beverage brand that this is parodying, you dumb bastards.*
  • Sad that we had to write that above...bunch o'bitches.
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