"Entitled" White Girl Hard Seltzer Morale Patch

Sold Out

Our world-famous "Literally" and "Daddy Issues" White Girl Seltzer patches/stickers were insane hits... we had to bring out another flavor... and another.

This flavor is Entitled.  Entitled as in, "I have Mummy & Daddy money, so I'm better than you and should get preferential treatment".  I hate that shit... we all know that new Land Rover ain't yours, Jessica, you work part-time at Lululemon.  

  • 1.5" x 4" Inches, PVC with 3D features
  • Hook-Backed 
  • Also comes in sticker form
  • *Not affiliated in the least, or to be confused with, the actual beverage brand that this is clearly and reasonably parodying, you dumb lawyers who don't create shit.*
  • I am melancholy that I have to write something like the above, in order to continue.
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