Little Box of Violence: December Box Review

by Yanne Root | December 30, 2015 | 25 Comments

little box of violence product overview


Well, the first box was a huge success. All packages were shipped out on time and we were super happy with the contents and how it all came together. A big thanks goes out to all you courageous people for taking the plunge on the first box despite not even knowing what would be in it. It was a pure trust play on your part, which means a lot. We also sold out the first 100 boxes in just over an hour. We were well-prepared for it to take at least a week, but once again, you guys surprised the shit out of us. Box 2, which will be shipping on Jan 11, was opened up for sales on December 11th and we sold out of an additional 200 subscriptions in two days. Thank you.

Now...what's in the box?


Yep, your shit came in a nice, big, black box with a bunch of stickers on it.

little box of violence



We’re thrilled Fight Soap wanted to participate in the inaugural box when we reached out to them. This company’s probably got the biggest balls in the game...not because they’re the leader of high performance cool-guy soap, but because it looks like every employee also doubles as a scantily clad model doing all sorts of things with soap on their Instagram. I mean, how does fulfillment turn into a photo shoot? Whatever job description they’re using over there...we want some! Follow @fightsoap on’ll be glad you did.

little bar of violence fight soap




The next person that gives us a Beefy-T brand shirt is getting executed. Believe that. Here at Violent Little we only use the highest quality and most lightweight tshirts. Based off of our best-selling Talk to me Goose patch, this luxurious badboy will have you inverted and on that Top Gun plaque in no time...just as you’re handed orders to go save the world from black mysterious MiGs from unidentified countries. They’re buggin out. If you missed out on the box, you can still purchase this shirt by clicking here.

talk to me goose shirt





When Creasy goes to Key West, he changes into something a little more appropriate. He’s still here for business, and obviously troubled beyond repair, but his choice of attire is all “If I drink a little too much, I think I’d be down to get with an overweight Jimmy Buffet fan that’s in her 50’s”. He’s an “anything goes” kind of party bear. If you missed out, you can still buy it by clicking here.

 creasy bear key west patch



When it’s not on your tree, ditch that high school tassel you’ve got hanging from the rear view of that ‘91 Lebaron and swap it out with this. Odin will be pleased with your viking tree this Christmas. May also get you laid. Click here to buy on the site.

valhalla copper christmas ornament




This bumper sticker is a sleeper. Not too many people know about this brand yet, but it may prove to make some serious moves in the future with its fly fishing-esque theme. The owner of Fly-Ops is one of the best anglers around...the guy catches Permits at will. We’ve seen him do it with his rod tied behind his back. The horizon is bright and rad for this up-and-coming little company, based in our little town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Give @flyops a little follow on Instagram and keep an eye out for their upcoming lineup...its gonna be “electric”.

 fly ops bumper sticker




“You used up all the glue on purpose!” Not a finger! From one of the most cherished Christmas movies of all time. Even though we own the DVD, the best part of Christmas is still the fact that TBS...the SUPERSTATION...plays A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight. In our opinion...that’s a little light. It should be 48 hours, but oh well. Maybe we’ll write a letter. This patch is exclusive to the Little Box of Violence!

 fragile leg lamp morale patch



Luckily for your tastebuds we don't roast this coffee in-house. We reached out to our local gourmet roaster here in Sun Valley and asked him for the blackest mother fucker he had. Here it is. Each batch is freshly roasted for quality. If you haven't already tried-some of this delicousness, now's your chance. It'll fuck you up. Can be acquired HERE.

impossibly black coffee





Why the hell not? Not available on our website.

i got worms stencil 



The best part of this was that the first six printers we sent this design to refused to print it, because it allegedly was making false claims. "Prove it" we said.


dr littles aids cure




Featured the Joker Patch by AONO, the ISAFF Patch by Combat Flip Flops, a Santa Operator Christmas Card by Joshua Johnson, a Talk To Me Goose sticker, and a few other things we aren't legally allowed to mention.

 little box of violence odds and ends

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