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Friendtime Friday: Awakening of the Pizza Monster

by Oscar Sanchez | August 07, 2017 | 0 Comments


Friendtime Friday was something I came up with before I left the Teams. Life gets busy and everyone has shit going on, so it was important to me that we all get together at least once a week and do something as a group. That's how lasting friendships are created, and now I have lots of great stories. Like the one I'm about to share with you.

The other day, Nate, Emily and I decided to attend the Lord Huron concert here in town. Yanne didn't come, as he had a meeting with Paul Allen or something. We made sure he was there in spirit. We drink, we sing, we laugh and drink some more. You’d be pretty surprised about how much vodka Emily can put away.

Some beers and a few flasks later, the drunk hunger starts to set in and that’s when Emily saw someone with pizza. She decided that she NEEDED pizza. Nate and I witnessed her transformation into this pizza craved gremlin. She searched for pizza on the concert grounds and found nothing, so she began to call all the pizza places in town. It’s a small mountain town, so there’s like three options. When one finally said that they would deliver to the concert venue, the order began to be placed and our excitement grew. Here's some of that conversation:

Emily: "Could we please get ranch and marinara sauce on the side?”

Operator: “Okay, sure. Small ranch and marinara on the side.”

Emily: “Like...enough for three people.”

Operator: “Of course.”

Emily: “So like a lot please." 

Emily is the only one here that really eats her pizza with ranch, so you can imagine her excitement when they showed up with three half pint containers each of ranch and marinara. As a matter of fact, she was so excited when they called upon their arrival to the venue, she ran barefoot to get the pizza. Check out the photo below of her holding the pizza and see the joy on her hungry little face.

All in all, it was an amazing time hanging out with those two. We each have different personalities (as you see in the photo) and bring different energy into the shop and I hope you enjoy the shit we do as much as we enjoy doing it. We are all grateful and happy that life has led us here, to the creation of this Violent Little Family.

Stick around...you won’t believe what’s coming next. Or you will, because we're full of empty promises.


Unicorns and M4s,


Cheers to us!


Look how happy she is to have the pizza and all that ranch.

The aftermath.

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Huge News! We now have a Favicon!

by Yanne Root | February 08, 2014 | 0 Comments

Violent Little Machine Shop Favicons

Violent Little Machine Shop is proud to unveil its latest creation, a Favicon. What's a Favicon? See the little black icon next to our website in your web browser tab? Its the head of Meep, our little lost robot. We've recently been on a tear with using Fiverr.com for all sort of projects, both personal and professional. We found an artist who specializes in Favicons on Fiverr. It cost us $5.00 to have our logo redone as a Favicon. It provides a personal touch to our website that's a hell of a lot better than the generic favicon that comes with our e-commerce platform. The artist even gave me three different sizes of it in two different formats. $5.00 and it was done in 12 hours...no brainer. It sure beats the hell out of messing around in photoshop for 30 minutes (or longer). My time is worth more than $10 per hour.

If you've never checked out Fiverr, you absolutely must.

It's a community of thousands of interesting, talented, and weird people who do things for just $5.00. From pranks on your friends, to art, to creative advertising, to technical SEO...as a small business owner you can basically run your business with it if you so choose, for $5.00 a job. When the job's done, its done and there's nothing more to be done. It is an easy way to take small, little, time-consuming tasks off of my plate and focus my time and energy on the things that I am really good at and the things that I want to focus on. I don't mind sharing with you that we use Fiverr. My goal isn't to pretend like we've got a huge team of people on salary and acting bigger than we really are. Our goal is to just do cool shit and have fun with this business. Fiverr facilitates that in such an easy platform and for dirt cheap. Stay tuned for our new series of spokesperson commercials using only Fiverr.com hired talent. Things are getting weird over here.

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The Transition From Military to Violent Little Civilian

by Yanne Root | January 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

How does one go from jumping out of Black Hawk helicopters and saving people’s lives to designing new and exciting products for the friends and family still in the military? In all honesty, I had no plan, no idea for what I was going to do after getting out. I figured I would just go directly to college and continue where I had left off six years prior. On the other hand I still had that drive to work. I needed some type of transitional job to wean myself off of the day-to-day 7 to 5 Military grind. And with winter approaching at the time, and having played on the snow slopes all my life, I was looking for an extreme change of pace from Virginia Beach, VA.

The change of pace came in the form of the ultimate job offer.

A close friend of mine that I had trained with in my early military years contacted me over Facebook just to see what I was up to. I explained my situation, said that I was planning on spending the winter in Sun Valley, ID where, unbeknownst to me, he also lived. He had a simple answer. “Come work for me!” What are the chances.

Yanne Root had just started up his second business, Violent Little Machine Shop.

"Violent Little" creates original morale and tactical based items for the military and firearms industries. And with this focus it couldn’t hurt hiring a Vet like myself. Set in a small mountain town in Idaho, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. Playing on the mountain when the fresh powder fell, and learning the tricks and tips of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Being employee one at Violent Little Machine Shop, there was a lot to learn and even more to do. Jumping right into frying pan, I was learning how to design products via CAD computer software, then printing those products out with a 3D printer and being able to hold them in my hand. Not only that, I was learning about product photography -taking professional pictures of these products that would be interesting and eye candy for the customer. All this was new to me! Oh, by the way did I mention the laser? Ya… I get to play around with a big freakin laser! Custom laser engraved morale patches for elite military units? No problem there.

This couldn’t have been a better choice for me in my so called "transitional period". Soaking in all the information and necessary skills to take on the road with me in spring and maybe give it a go for myself. I mean seriously, what's better than being your own boss?

And just remember, no idea is too big, and no idea is too small. Have an idea? Shoot us an email at info@violentlittle. Maybe you’ve had something down on a bar napkin for the last ten years, and kept it just for shits and giggles. If you're interested in seeing what that might look like in your hands, we can do that, and we’d be happy too.


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