How Violent Little Comes Up With Patch Ideas

by Yanne Root | February 07, 2016 | 1 Comment

At the end of the first day of Shot Show this year and looking to unwind after the SOLID HOUR we spent at the show, we rolled into Public House just outside the convention center and had a couple of drinks with some friends looking to unwind. Upon walking in, "like we were walking onto a yacht", we spotted the Irishman known as John McConnell of Combat Swag, our main patch supplier (other than ourselves), and immediately made a B-line for him with the crew. I asked him what he was drinking, and without giving the courtesy for a response I rudely pounded the rest of his beer just to set the mood. That's just how I say "hello" to my depleting them of their alcohol stores. He couldn't have cared less...mainly because we're one of his best customers and he's come to expect this asshole-ish behavior from me over the years. I redeemed myself by refilling his glass and grabbing another. I looked over at a table next to us and saw a few people wearing some logos of shirts that we recognized. So we interrupted whatever conversation they were having and interjected ourselves, as we naturally do. Turns out it was TJ and Angie Kirgin, owners of Tactical Shit and very good customers of ours whom we've never met in person. One of their friends, Isbel of Maiden Apparel, who wins "best business card of the year award" btw, asked us how we came up with all of our ideas. I figured I'd just tell the truth...for once. Here it is: We drive to a little town in Nevada called Jackpot just across the border of Idaho with a few bottles of scotch and some adderall and check-in to a little "luxurious" haven known as Cactus Pete's. We usually check in with a big iMac desktop computer and whiteboards...ready for business. We lock ourselves in a suite and we don't come out until we've spun straw into gold...Rumpelstiltskin style! That's big secret. You've gotta go to a weird place to get weird with it...its just that simple.
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David Hudgins said:

still waiting for these patches to eventually come out:

I > U

Too Close for Missles
Switching To Guns

30 reasons you should stay home (pic of m16 magazine)

February 09, 2016

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