Little Box of Violence: March Review

by Brandon Scott | April 05, 2016 | 26 Comments

On the outside the March Little Box of Violence may be pecocking harder than Will I Am at a photo shoot, but on the inside this box is packets of cock sauce spicy. As of March we are currently up to 600 box subscriptions in 4 months. The last time we saw numbers like this was at sick call in the marine barracks in P-Cola for the clap...good thing we already sent out Dr. Little's Field Condoms. This month we are bringing back some childhood throwbacks like punk rock sticker packs, Tarritos Lollipops, googly eyed lapel pins, emergency camping equipment, and a book with less than 200 pages...which makes it easier to read. Hope you enjoyed this month's box review. April sign up is going on right now.



The Bad Factory T by Bearont Apparel:

We’ve had this design in the can for far too long and its time to set’er free. The artist behind Bearont has such a unique, gritty, and legit as fuck style. We were thrilled when he accepted our d-bag of a proposal to design a badass dirty factory shirt for us. Buy it here or Click here to cruise Bearont's web site or jam up their Instagram @bearont.



Bonehead Patch by Big D Speed Shop:

No, we certainly don’t care how they do it in California. This cool little brand out of North Texas might be off the radar from most of the military/tactical world, but they totally jive with what we’re about here and we knew you’d enjoy their bullshit as much as you enjoy they call California’s bullshit out. Just bullshits. Click here to get knee deep or on Instagram @big_d_speedshop.


Menace to Sobriety Patch by Explorer’s Press:

Immediately following up on their contribution to last month’s box with the ever popular “People to Kill” Notebook, Explorer’s Press is right back in this month’s box with their Menace to Sobriety patch. What a beauty. See what else Explorer's press has to offer on their web site here, or follow on Instagram @explorerspress.


Arrowhead Patch by Hudson Design & Manufacturing:

We’re proud to bring you this neat little patch from one our favorite “behind enemy lines” brands. Hailing from Troy, NY (ie, the Hudson River Valley area), they’re known for their painstaking craftsmanship of heritage quality goods. HDM puts out some of the best beard combs and cool accessories out there. Yeah, Bob! Stop by their web site here, or check them out on Instagram @hudsondesignandmfg.


The Way of Men by Jack Donovan:

Ok, we’re not going to lie...we haven’t read this book. We saw a “Violence is Golden” patch recently and we set off to connect with its creator to get our grubby mitts on some. At the end of the trail we found Jack...and that’s where it got interesting. Turns out he’s an astute student of masculinity and tribalism. One look at his experience, accolades, and activities and it was clear to us -this was a man with something interesting to say. We’re looking forward to reading this book alongside you all as soon as we get done with these fucking boxes. Grab some extra copies for your friends here, or look them up on Instagram @starttheworld.


Eyes of Buschemi Pin by Rolling Death Maui:

Those goddamn Buschemi eyes...they’ll tantalize your dreams and terrorize your nightmares -all at the same time. Rolling Death Maui seems to have a nact for that. This is the second straight month that they’ve been featured in the Little Box of Violence...good for them! Take a look at their NSFW web site here, or get weird with them on Instagram @rollingdeathmaui.


Sriracha Packet:

A single serving friend of Sriracha, just like Fight Club. We’ve been into Sriracha at the shop lately. Not just in the shop, but at home...the bedroom, the shower, etc...just like a little too into it perhaps. Those genius Asians at Huy Fong Foods recently decided to put that amazing blazing cock sauce into single packets of goodness. Careful though, might explode an O-Ring.


Tarritos Lollipop:

These beer shaped, random-ass fruit flavored Mexican lollipops were a regular currency of the black market of my Canadian boarding school. One touch to the lips and it brings back the good ole’ days when kids got the hazing they deserved. Let’s just say I deserved it...and I’m better for it. Si Señor!


Readyman Pocket Stove: 

"Toight like a Toiger"...that's what comes to mind. The real NEW product we were going to launch by Readyman this month wasn't able to meet the deadline for the box, so the pocket stove stepped in nicely as a replacement. All the other tac/prep/floral boxes in this space have done the Readyman stove...yes...but we'll be the only ones to have the new mystery Readyman product when its stick with us/deal with it.  Check out their creative genius here, or on Instagram @Readymannetwork.


Thirty Seconds Out Sticker Pack:

We hadn’t even seen the sticker packs that Thirty Second Out created by the time this card went to print...but the guy, as in everything else in his life, is always just good to fucking go. It was a risk, but he’s never let anybody down before -we doubt he was going to start now. Take a look at their web site here, or follow on Instagram @thirtysecondsout, you wont be let down.

Pro Tip: Check out our buddies at or their Instagram @blkmktorg. Its fast becoming the best place to buy tactical and military shit. Its basically the Ebay for tactical gear, but more better...they won't kick you out for being awesome.

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