PVC Morale Patches: Creasy Bear & “Talk to Me Goose”

by Yanne Root | August 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

Violent Little Machine Shop has just released two new full color PVC morale patches. Self-sacrifice for honor and the greater good is the theme we have chosen to go with. These highly anticipated patches were heavily presold before the product release. We are glad to announce we hit the mark and currently have our Creasy Bear and “Talk to Me Goose” morale patches in stock.

Our Flagship Creasy Bear Morale Patch.

Previously offered in lasered leather, Creasy Bear is also now available in full color PVC. One of our hottest items and a must have in any collection, sporting this patch screams, ‘I’m that bad ass ex-CIA assassin alcoholic Mo-Fo with a troubled past and a less than ideal will to live that you DON’T want to f*ck with...’.

John Creasy, played by Denzel Washington in 2004’s hit film “Man on Fire”, is an iconic symbol of self-sacrifice in the name of what is right, often regardless of law. Some may think he’s a vigilante ..but we all know a true hero when we see one. Of course, our Creasy Bear morale patch sports the character’s infamous style of Hawaiian shirts and Glock 9mm’s. Booze in hand, after so many years killing as a Marine and CIA assassin, can you blame the guy for downing a little something to take the edge off? Hell, who are we to judge? We often start drinking at the shop before 10 AM...if we make it in by then...or at all.

“Forgiveness is between them and God. It’s my job to arrange the meeting.” ~ John Creasy

The Creasy Bear patch is available for purchase in our store, either full color PVC or lasered leather: Creasy Bear Patch

The “Talk To Me Goose” Top Gun PVC Patch.

Not much needs to be said about this quote. Maverick was a true hot shot in the 1986 cult flick “Top Gun”. But the focus here is on Goose. He may not have been the ACE, but he gave his life for his team leader ..an act deserving of the highest level of honor one can achieve for his fellow brothers in arms. Goose presents yet another example of the self-sacrificing theme in our newest release of these full color PVC morale patches.

“Talk to Me Goose” patch is available for purchase in our store, either full color PVC or lasered leather: "Talk to Me Goose" Top Gun Morale Patch

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